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10 year warranty

Renewal tops for concrete table tennis tops

Rejuvenating cure with constant smoothness warranty

Traditional concrete table tennis tables succumb to the elements rather fast. Wind and weather attack the table, it becomes porous and cracked. Parts of the playing surface start chipping due to frost. It becomes uneven and can’t be played on any longer. That is the end of outdoor table tennis fun.

This picture is the same from one end of the country to the other in many parks and recreational facilities. But the table tennis top can be rescued within an hour and then remain permanently smooth and playable. And all of this without having to dismantle and dispose of the existing concrete table.

The solution: A renewal top made of polymer concrete with aluminium frame

Renewal tops made of polymer concrete are totally weather-resistant. The highlight: In terms of a table tennis feeling, they are in no way inferior to an indoor table tennis top. The playing surface is pore-free and totally smooth and the ball bounce is similar to that of a competition table.

All our polymer concrete equipment is produced in our company in Lauterbach. Except some small components for the assembly all others are produced in Europe and here too we guarantee top quality.


verwitterte Tischtennisplatte aus Beton

Weathered, non-playable concrete table tennis top. This can be made fit again in a flash.


sanierte Tischtennisplatte
After rejuvenation with a repair top, the outdoor table tennis top is better than ever before and can be played on permanently.

Easy & quick to fit

The repair top for the concrete table tennis consists of two halves. These are simply glued onto the old concrete table with the standard dimensions 274 cm x 152.5 cm. Next, the repair top and concrete table are screwed together through the aluminium frame of the renewal top. With two people, the installation is child’s play, as you can see in the following video.

Video: Renewal Tops - Rejuvenating cure with constant smoothness warranty

Colour Variations

All Renewal Tops are available in the colours RAL 5002 Blue, RAL 6002 Green, RAL 7016 Grey and Granite Green. Special colours on request.

granite green

Request a polymer concrete sample

Request a free polymer concrete sample with the dimensions 5 x 5 cm and convince yourself.

Cost comparison: Purchase vs. Renewal

Dismantling old table430,- EUR
Disposal old table105,- EUR
Prepare substrate for new table450,- EUR
Purchase new table2237,- EUR
Freight costs219,- EUR
Assembly new table150,- EUR

3591,- EUR
Purchase renewal tops1528,- EUR
Freight costs142,- EUR
Assembly renewal tops150,- EUR

1820,- EUR

Dismantling, disposal and preparation of the substrate for the new table can easily be significantly higher.

The basis of our sample calculation was real data from our small hometown with moderate staff costs, very short distances and a reasonably acceptable substrate.

The estimated new price is an average price for our various models.

The prices for table tennis table or renewal top, freight and assembly are inclusive of VAT.

Ideal presentation option for your own logos and sponsors

Renewal tops, table tennis tables, foosball tables  made of polymer concrete can be provided with a logo or lettering on request - permanently resistant to the elements and wear. Guaranteed.

For example, sponsors can use our table tennis tops, tennis practise walls or foosball tables as an advertising space for their companies.

Are you a sponsor or acting on behalf of someone?

Contact us. We will be delighted to help you.

Tischtennisplatte mit Logo

Integrated Logo "on" surface

Frequently asked questions

Why would I even repair an existing table tennis top at all?

A repair is usually much more cost-effective than a new purchase. A prerequisite is that the existing table tennis is still stable, that is, only the playing area needs to be repaired.

How long will a repaired table tennis top last?

The elements can not affect our polymer concrete, so we have no problem giving a warranty of 10 years. The oldest table tennis table known to us has already been on the same spot for about 45 years in perfect condition (see here: 45-year old table tennis top).

What is it important to note?

The most important prerequisite is that the existing table is still stable, because our repair tops make the old, weathered playing surface playable again, but do not replace a crumbling base-frame.

How big are the table tennis tops?

Our repair tops are designed to fit onto a concrete table with the standard dimensions of 274 cm x 152.5 cm. All commercially available concrete tables have these dimensions. If the existing table is larger than the standard dimension, the protruding piece can simply be cut off.

Does the old table tennis top have to be completely available?

The basic requirement is that the old table tennis is still stable. The playing surface must still be so intact that our renewal tops can be glued on. If corners or edges are missing, this is tolerable within certain limits.

How high is the aluminium edging?

The height of 8.5 cm has been chosen so that it covers the usual old tables. If the old table is thicker, the aluminium edge will not cover it completely, but the repair top can still be fitted.

How heavy are the renewal tops?

One half of a table weighs approx. 90 kg.

What is included in the package?

The delivery consists of two halves, an aluminium net with two posts including screws, four cartridges of adhesive and a pack of nail plugs.

How is the renwal table packed or how is this delivered?

The two halves are packed upright on a pallet (see supplying and fitting a Maillith renewal top).

Can you do the repair yourself?

You can of course do the repair yourself. Have a look at the installation in our video

How long does it take to repair an existing table tennis table made of concrete?

It takes our experienced fitter about 1 hour. For inexperienced renewal top fitters, with a little bit of manual dexterity, one should consider 1.5 to 2 hours. Our fitting video shows how easy the assembly is.

How long should you wait until you can play on this table again?

It can be played on immediately. It will be really sturdy when the glue is cured, so after about 24 hours.

What colours are available?

The repair tops come in our standard colours blue, green, grey, granite green. Special colours are available on request.

Can the old net be used?

Unfortunately not. However, the delivery package includes the new net anyway.

Important information at a glance:

  • Material: polymer concrete
  • Precise fine layered playing surface without pores
  • UV- and frost resistant material assures a high quality wear and tear less and durable playing surface
  • Polymer concrete can be recycled
  • 10 year warranty
  • most cost effective technology


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Product sheet for download

Renewal tops made of polymer concrete

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Polymer concrete

Polymer concrete is an ideal material for constructions outdoors.

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